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Hello, I am Danique van Kesteren

I aim to tell stories through natural, dreamy portraits. I absolutely excel at shooting romantic love and lifestyle stories for creatives and brands, adding a cinematic mood to every image. I mostly shoot on 35mm film. I currently live in Hilversum, the Netherlands, sharing a home with my love and two silly cats. I also make music, love watching people be madly in love, being in Paris, the smell of pine trees, movies from the 60s, morning coffee, reading and travelling the world.

My shooting style is perfect for people and brands who like natural, dreamy and cinematic images. I like creating with like-minded people. Iā€™d rather spend an afternoon hanging out together and shooting at your home or an old hotel, instead of an hour of posing in front of a white wall. If this resonates with you, let's connect!