Hello, my name is
Danique van Kesteren

I own the photography business OAK & FIR, through which I try to capture the world with a calm spirit and an adventurous eye. Finding beauty in the little things makes my heart beat faster. I currently live in Hilversum, a small city in the Netherlands, with my talented husband Bart and two cats. 

Things that make me happy: seeing people wildly in love, making music, good food and cooking together, forests and pine trees, grey days, animals, morning coffee, watching stars on summer nights, reading, plants, going out on hikes, traveling, the sea, the evening sun and mountain views.

My shooting style is perfect for people and brands who like natural and moody images. I like creating with like-minded people. Think spending an afternoon at home together or a hike trough the forest, instead of an hour of standard posing. If this resonates with you, let's connect!