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So, you are engaged and looking for the perfect photographer. Somehow you ended up here. It's a good start! I firmly believe in only working with people you really connect with. I like to shoot weddings mostly on 35mm film. This adds a certain special vibe to your photo series that digital photographers cannot emulate. It is grainy, gritty, blurry. Full of feeling. Full of love. It’s an art form. It’s imperfect, just like real life.

Do you two care more about how the day felt over having a great many razor sharp, perfectly posed family portraits? Do you love dreamy, moody images, with an eye for detail & atmosphere, and have a personal style you plan to incorporate in your day? Do your eyes light up thinking about hanging out with your closest friends around a campfire, good coffee or cocktail in hand, dining at long tables, feasting on honest food? Eloping to some wild place together or saying yes surrounded by loved ones during a sunset on a city rooftop? We might be a nice fit!

Fees start at € 1595 for 6 hours coverage.

If you want to know more, please send me a message with your wedding date, plans + some more info about you both as a couple through the contact form. I will send you my full pricing and availability in return, and if all works out we'll be having coffee together real soon!

If you are pressed for money, or just would like a little extra to your day, I also offer 35mm wedding portrait sessions. Fee starts at € 495 for a session up to 1 hour. Message me for more info.

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